Nissan Qashqai Air Conditioning


Nissan Qashqai, X-Trail and Renault Kadjar Air Conditioning Repairs.

Qashqai J11, X-Trail T32 and Renault Kadjar models.

The Nissan Qashqai 2 or J11 model from December 2013 onwards, the Nissan X-Trail T32 from April 2014 onwards and Renault Kadjar from June 2015 share many components including the air conditioning system. They also use the newer refrigerant called HFO-1234yf which is much more expensive than the gas it supersedes (R134a). If you are having a problem with the air conditioning on one of these vehicles you will no doubt have found that many garages cannot service systems that use the newer gas and those that do may charge more than £100 to refill them. If the system is empty then it will be leaking somewhere so it is imperative that you have someone who knows these vehicles fix the fault to save you wasting money on gas that will simply leak away.

Renault Kadjar Air Conditioning

Vehicle air conditioning systems can leak from anywhere however there are two common areas for leaks on the Qashqai, X-Trail and Kadjar models. One component that is vulnerable to failure on all vehicles is the condenser. This is a large radiator right at the front of car and it has a hard life being shot blasted with grit and stones thrown up from the road surface. If the condenser is leaking then it needs replacing as they cannot be repaired. A second item that can fail is the seal on the bottom pipe connected to the condenser. The seal is a simple rubber o-ring and they can perish with age. A leak will often reveal itself by leaving an oily stain around the point of failure. The 2015 Qashqai condenser pictured below was leaking both from the radiator core and the seal mentioned above.

Leaking Qashqai Condenser

The picture below is of the lower pipe to the condenser on a 2016 Qashqai. The air conditioning system has been pressurised with oxygen free nitrogen then the condenser and pipework have been sprayed with a leak detection solution. The white bubbles you see on top of the joint are caused by the nitrogen leaking out from the failed seal. Qashqai Air Con Leak

One customer told us that the main dealer wanted £90 just to diagnose what was leaking on their X-Trail and another had been quoted over £600 for a new condenser on their Qashqai.

Mister Cool can offer the following two fixed price repairs:
  • Replace the leaking pipe seal and refill the system with gas: £100 all inclusive.
  • Supply and fit a new Nissens OE quality condenser with new seals and refill the system with gas: £300 all inclusive.

If you live near Derby and have a Renault Kadjar, Nissan Qashqai or X-Trail in need of an air conditioning repair please contact us now for a friendly, no obligation chat.