Renault Laguna Pollen Filter Replacement


Pollen filter replacement guide.


It is good practice to change your pollen filter (also called a cabin filter) annually. This filter removes dirt from the outside air before it passes through the heater fan and is blown into the interior for you to breathe. They usually cost no more than £15 from any motor factors and can often be changed in less than ten minutes. On most vehicles they are behind the glovebox but on some you will find them in the engine bay near the bulkhead. Here we will explain how to easily and quickly change a cabin filter on a Renault Laguna 2.

You will need the following:
  • A flat bladed screwdriver
  • A Torx T20 screwdriver (or T20 socket bit)
  • A vacuum cleaner with a thin crevice tool

Open the glovebox and undo the Torx T20 screw circled in yellow below. If you do not have a Torx T20 screwdriver you might be able to carefully undo it with a regular screwdriver. Renault Laguna Removing Glovebox

Next there are two clips holding the glovebox in place - one on the bottom and one on the top. Insert a screwdriver to bend the bottom clip upwards then pull the glovebox out slightly. Bend the top clip down and you should be able to pull the glovebox out completely.

Renault Laguna Removing Glovebox

You should now see a rectangular cover which needs removing to permit access to the filter. If there are screws holding this in place remove these first. Using a screwdriver prise the lid off and remove it. Renault Laguna Pollen Filter Access

Pull the old filter out - this one was only 9 months old and was quite dirty and covered in leaves. Renault Laguna Pollen Filter Removal

Comparing the old and new pollen filters: Renault Laguna Pollen Filter Comparison

Use your vacuum cleaner to remove any leaves or debris from inside the box that houses the filter. The new cabin filter has arrows indicating the direction of airflow through it. On this vehicle the air is sucked from above down through the filter so fit it with the arrows pointing downwards.

Renault Laguna Pollen Filter

Clip the plastic cover back on, slot the glovebox back in and refit the Torx screw and the job is done. Now enjoy the fresh unrestricted airflow into your car's cabin again!

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