Renault Trafic air con repair


Renault Trafic 3 and Vauxhall Vivaro B

Air Conditioning repairs on Trafic 3 and Vivaro B vans (2014 onwards)

Many vans have air conditioning these days and the ones we see most of are the Renault Trafic 3 and Vauxhall Vivaro B (which is basically the same van with a different badge). Like any other vehicle, if your air conditioning is not blowing cold the most common fault is a leak and the component that is most likely to leak is the condenser. The condenser is a large radiator that sits in front of the vehicle coolant radiator. It is located at the front as it gets hot very quickly and needs airflow to cool it down. The downside of this is that it is vulnerable to the elements and any debris flicked up from the road surface in front. The early versions of these vans use the older R134a refrigerant but the newer ones use the latest 1234yf refrigerant which is very expensive.

Vauxhall Vivaro Air Con Repair

The condenser fitted to the Trafic and Vivaro can be inspected and tested for leaks by removing the front grille. If it is leaking and needs replacing then the front bumper needs to be removed to allow access. The condenser and pipework can be tested by pressurising the air conditioning system with oxygen free nitrogen then spraying the components with a leak detection fluid. The following photos are from a 2015 Renault Trafic which had three leaks despite being only five years old. Firstly there was a very large leak on the left hand side of the condenser, clearly visible from the large bubbles in this picture.

Renault Trafic Air Con Leak

A second, much smaller leak was also found near the centre of the condenser.

Renault Trafic Condenser Leak

Lastly the seal on one of the pipes that connects to the condenser was also found to be leaking.

Renault Trafic leaking air con seal

There are many garages and "air conditioning experts" who will refill your A/C system for you but if it is empty then it is leaking and you will be wasting your time and money getting it refilled as the gas will leak out and leave you hot under the collar again.

Mister Cool can supply and fit a new Nissens OE quality condenser and drier with new seals for a fixed price of £250 on the earlier models of these vans and £300 on the later models that use the newer HFO-1234YF refrigerant.

If you have a Renault Trafic or Vauxhall Vivaro in need of an air conditioning repair please contact us now for a friendly, no obligation chat.